Abandoned Kittens Find Happiness And Love At Their New Home

Sergey is a Russian man who often takes care of stray cats and kittens in his free time. He even helps these poor animals find new homes or shelters. He owns a YouTube channel where he often posts videos of him and other people helping abandoned kittens find a new home, helping sick and injured cats, and feeding cats and kittens.
Abandoned cats find their new home Screenshot: Nine Lives
One day, Sergey's neighbor found three abandoned kittens near her house. They had no mother to protect them. Due to living on the streets for many days, the two animals were hungry and dirty.  She asked him to help them, and he agreed. She took one kitten home, and he tried to find the other ones a foster home.
Abandoned cats find their new home Screenshot: Nine Lives
After their empty bellies were filled up, they felt comfortable and started to play. Despite being strays, they were affectionate, sweet, and friendly. He thought that they were probably dumped here by someone. Since if they were born on the streets, they would never be friendly to strangers.
Abandoned cats find their new home Screenshot: Nine Lives
As soon as he found a temporary foster home, he caught them and took them to a vet clinic for a check-up. Thankfully, they were healthy except for the usual parasites. After making sure that the kittens were fine, he took them to their foster home.
Screenshot: Nine Lives
Sergey and everyone at the house named the girl Molly and the boy Markiz. The vets said that they were the same age. They might be siblings but maybe had different fathers. They were ready for adoption, so everyone started to look for suitable families for them.
Abandoned cats find their new home Screenshot: Nine Lives
Thankfully, the two animals soon found their forever homes with great owners. We are happy to know that they are living happily in their loving homes. After all they had been through, they now find happiness and love that they deserve. We hope that they will be cared and loved forever.

Watch the full rescue below:

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